Layaway Plan

Layaway Plan:

We are pleased to offer a free Summer layaway plan (in store only) beginning in May to allow you to pay for your child’s uniforms in installments.


     • By placing items on layaway, you are committing to purchase those items. Only place items on layaway that you are positive your child will want/need. We allow you to swap out sizes if your child grows during the layaway period, but we do not allow items to be taken off of layaway. Unwanted items placed on layaway may only be exchanged for other items (size swaps excluded) or redeemed for store credit once the balance is paid in full.

     • When merchandise is put on layaway, a minimum of 1/3 of the total price is required.

     • You have 90 days from the day you place items on layaway to pay your balance in full and pick up your order.

    • After the initial 1/3 of your total is paid, you are free to make payments as frequently or infrequently as you choose, as long as the final balance is paid in full by the end of the 90 day period.

     • If your balance is unpaid at the end of the 90 day period, the items will be restocked and all payments will be forefeited.

     • We will provide a copy of this agreement to be signed before items will be placed on layaway.